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Smarter And Kinder Skin Solutions For A Summer To Remember

The summer of 2020 is one that we will never forget. There were yearly sojourns that had to be put off. Festivals, parties, and celebrations we usually look forward to under the scorching hut were unceremoniously replaced by video calls and greetings done from a distance. You’ve probably organized your closets one too many times now. As you brought Marie Kondo’s spirit into your bikini drawer, I bet you’ve also wondered when your newest maillot will see the light of day again. A lot of things were called off this summer, and that’s not just stating the obvious. What remains essential and even more important these days for achieving that state of wellbeing is good, reliable skincare. Clear, glowing skin, after all, is never canceled.

Throughout the warm months, I’ve had the pleasure of spending most of my lockdown days evaluating the kind of products I consume. Are they good for both skin and my planet? Does it really deliver on a promise? Do certain brands truly uphold their claim for clean, sustainable beauty? Innovation and inclusivity, of course, are other key considerations that occupied this edit. As we reimagine our beauty regimens in an attempt to choose and do better, here brilliant skincare products and beauty brands worth considering.

WHAL MYUNG draws from 122 years of history in the pharmaceutical business. It began with Dong Wha Pharm, the first pharmaceutical company in South Korea. Their signature product was Whal Myung Su—“not just any medicine, but good medicine.” Hailing from the same family who started this enterprise, fourth-generation visionary Hyun Kyung decided to bring this same idea for good medicine into a skincare line called Whal Myung. The brand was founded on the art of utilizing five key ingredients found in powerful traditional tonics from way back in 1897. This is now known as the WM1897-P5 which consists of dried tangerine peel, dried ginger, cinnamon, corydalis tuber, and myristica fragrans. The Inner Glow Moisturizing Serum is a great product to have these days especially with most of our meetings now happening through video call conferences. Nothing says Zoom-ready quite like clear, glowing skin. I love the sense of confidence and freshness conveyed by a face that is radiant without the need for makeup. This skin fortifying serum contains hyaluronic acid beads, packed with Whal Myung’s five natural herb ingredients. The result: skin that’s radiant from within.

Bianca Salonga

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