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Camila Mendes Swears by This Inner Glow Serum

Want to give glowing skin a try? What if it were really that easy? Like testing out a new yoga pose or trying your hand at a new viral dance. You might feel a little unsure at first, but if you commit, you’ll get it pretty quickly. So why isn’t skincare the same? We’ll religiously use a product for months at a time and see no results at all!

Our skin doesn’t always like to listen to us, even though we promise we know what’s best for it. We spend so much money on it, but it’s more stubborn than anything. Instead of trying every product under the sun, what we really need is just one that has the power to seriously penetrate that dull, uneven outer layer and really bring out that inner glow. And when we think inner glow, we think Camila Mendes!

The Riverdale actress walked fans through her nighttime skincare routine for Harper’s BAZAAR’s “Go To Bed With Me” series, and when she got to her Whal Myung serum, we had to pause and take notes. “I learned about this product through Prabal Gurung, who took me to the Met Gala,” she said, noting that he always sends “a little package of Whal Myung products whenever I do anything with him. And that’s how I got introduced to them, and I really like it.”

Just from looking at this potent brightening serum, you can spot its double-layer capsules, which burst on application to deliver hydrating hyaluronic acid and illuminating oil straight into the skin. “I put, like, one and a half squirts of it, just for that little extra moisture,” Mendes explained in her video, spreading it between her palms before gently patting it onto her face.

When Mendes said, “Korean skincare, man. They just really know what they’re doing,” we felt that. This serum has such a silky texture that glides over skin, its special blend of five herbal ingredients ready to target anything from excess oil, to irritation and puffiness, to damaging free radicals!

Use this sulfate-free and paraben-free serum just before your moisturizer, especially in the mornings, to see its full effects.


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